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Lab Technician

Flying Cow Genetics is currently seeking a full or part-time Lab Technician. Prior lab experience preferred but not required; on-site training provided. Health insurance and paid vacation available with full time employment. Periodic job performance review and performance-based raises available.


Qualifications and Attributes

  • On-time to work and efficient time management skills while on the job

  • Positive attitude and solid interpersonal and communication skills

  • Honest, dependable, and flexible work hours as needed including weekends

  • Good working knowledge of Google Suite, Word, and Excel

  • Excellent attention to detail is a must in this position

  • Strong references from past employers

  • Interest in livestock and science


Position Responsibilities

  • Monitor and prepare laboratory media

  • Clean and set up laboratory equipment for lab work such as searching oocytes and freezing embryos

  • Assist with all lab procedures including, but not limited to OPU, IVF, and DT

  • Maintain a clean room lab environment and wear gloves and mask when required for procedures

  • Perform maintenance testing, cleaning, and calibration of lab incubators weekly

  • Check gas bottle levels daily and exchange bottles of CO2 and mixed gas

  • Inventory lab products and place new item orders with vendors

  • Label and track nitrogen shipper tanks, unpack and organize product shipments

  • Clean work spaces weekly by sweeping, mopping, and dusting common areas including two labs, office space, storage room, and bathroom

  • Measure, record, and refill liquid nitrogen tanks weekly at the facility and periodically for clients

  • Check in all arriving semen and embryos for clients, and ship out client semen and embryos as needed

  • Email and talk with clients regarding oocyte collection results and embryo production

  • Record embryo production results and other data entry in excel spreadsheets as necessary

  • Fill out required paperwork for oocyte collection and embryo production

  • Excellent attention to detail while entering client data in the business’ software program

  • Operate printer, copier, fax machine, desktop computers, laptop, landline phone and voicemail

  • Help as possible with the Cattle A.I. School course every other month

  • Pack travel kits for on-farm conventional and IVF collection, freezing, and embryo transfer

  • Assist with setting up and conducting on-site flushing, embryo transfer, and artificial insemination

  • Travel to off-site oocyte collection facilities to assist with procedures on an as-needed basis

  • Other responsibilities as the business dictates


To apply, please send resume, references and cover letter to Courtney Crites at

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